Individual Therapy


  • Trauma and C/PTSD
  • Queer identity exploration & development
  • Spiritual growth & issues
  • Relationship issues


  •  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
    • I offer this trauma-reprocessing modality as a mechanism of healing old wounds to create space for new life and meaning.
  • Ego State Therapy/Parts Work (similar to Internal Family Systems)
    • This approach creates relationships between your inner parts to help create internal unity and integrity as a whole.
  • Interactive Guided Imagery
    • Similar to guided meditation, but you are an active participate in exploring your inner landscape and facilitating release and healing.
  • Somatic and Energetic Awareness
    • I am trained in yoga-based practices and Cultural Somatics and utilize these practices in session to integrate the body into all aspects of our work.

Individual sessions are typically 60 minutes.