Healing for your whole self.

It is common for people who have experienced significant life changes, challenging relationship dynamics, individual trauma or collective trauma to feel a sense of disconnection from their inner self, their bodies, and their relationships. It often feels as if the weight of your experiences are blocking you from fully engaging in your present life. I specialize in supporting you in healing these barriers to growth and building unity within yourself and your relationships.

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In session, we will attend to your mind, body, spirit, and collective experience. My intention is to support you through challenging life patterns, personal struggle, and difficult relationship dynamics. We will work together to validate your pain and joy without shame, activate inner wisdom, and move towards healing and wholeness.

Information on my areas of expertise

I believe in the validity and goodness of all humans, their experiences and identities. I recognize that power inequity and systemic oppression are real forms of trauma. I strive to hold folks with privileged identities accountable to the work of dismantling oppressive patterns, and to support folks with marginalized identities in their work of healing. I recognize that this work is necessary on individual and collective levels, and that intersectionality is required to meet people in the mosaic of human identities. My approach is poly & kink affirming, sex-worker affirming, and gender identity affirming.